Matt Clark-Current Student (1st Degree Brown Belt)



Living an active and healthy lifestyle is important to me.  I take part in many cycling, running and triathlon races year-round.  All these activities have brought much enjoyment, but I felt as though something was missing.  Having great precision and technical coordination were never skill sets I was able to master.  On a whim my wife and I decided to attend a self defense class taught by Sensei Brian McClernan.  I was quickly hooked on the high coordination techniques.  Sensei Brian encouraged me to join his formal Budoshin Ju Jitsu class, and I haven't looked back since.

Sensei Brian immediately creates a sense of family and brotherhood which is extended to all students who enter the dojo doors.  His easy going and caring manner gets students to try out the art.  His copious knowledge and easy to understand teaching keep students coming back twice a week.  After a two years at Ho'on Dojo, I have grown considerably.  My balance and finesse are much improved, and each class is a fresh challenge.  There are always new techniques to learn and improve upon.  Ju Jitsu has gone from another fitness activity to a lifestyle change.  The 'Gentle Art' teaches self-defense centered fundamentals and grace rarely seen in traditional sports.  Joining the Ho'on family and Sensei Brian has been one of my best decisions.  
-Matt Clark Westminster, MD


Adam Auerbach-Current Student (1st Degree Brown Belt)


My experience practicing ju-jitsu has far exceeded my expectations and gone beyond what I originally intended.  Ho'on Dojo isn't just a place or room.  It's the bond that I have with my fellow Jujutsukas and Sensei.  It's the respect and dedication that each of us show week after week.  It's the fact that we all are working towards the same goal - to be better bowing off the mat than when we bowed onto the mat each and every time.   

Adam "Tree" Auerbach

Meg Valenti-Current Student (Green Belt)



I initially contacted Brian about his self defense seminar. After speaking with him, I decided to jump right into his Jujitsu classes. I was looking for a new challenge outside of my comfort zone and I definitely got it. I kind of fell into this by accident but I am hooked now! I have only been in the class for a month but I have never felt so welcomed as a newcomer to anything, which has, in part, kept me coming back. I’m hoping to make the martial arts a lifelong journey. I think I can speak for just about every student when I say it’s all about self improvement and getting better each day— and as a 5’2” female, it’s pretty cool to be able to defend yourself against a bigger opponent if the situation ever arises 😁. 

Meg Valenti