Upper Belt Bios

Darrin F.


Darrin F., a 1st degree brown belt and assistant instructor, sharpened his skills over the past two years and has become an inspiration to other students and Darrin's skill-set is unlike any other.

Dayna A.


Dayna, a 1st degree brown belt, started in our self-defense class two years ago and transitioned into our Ju-Jitsu program. Dayna's willpower and sheer determination has made her one of Ho'on Dojo's top students. 

Dominic C.


Dominic,  has been with Ho'on Dojo, almost since it's inception. Dominic's loyalty and determination makes him a skilled practitioner of this art.

Adam A.


Adam, a 2nd degree brown belt, came to Ho'on Dojo with his intimidating size and brute strength. At Ho'on Dojo, Adam learned how to focus his strength and size to become a well rounded martial artist.

Matt C.


Matt, a 1 degree brown belt, also started at Ho'on Dojo's self-defense class, almost two years ago. His unique ability to learn techniques quickly and efficiently, make Matt a true asset to our dojo.

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